Seven months marks the start of your third and final trimester. It’s natural in this phase to feel apprehensive or anxious about what is to come in the very near future. From this point onwards, your baby can be born without any complications and doctors consider the fetus to be completely viable. Additionally, any discomforts you’ve been feeling from your growing stomach and the hormonal changes are likely to increase or intensify now that you’re in the home stretch.

Discomforts continue to increase

The physical weight of your pregnancy is going to really start causing issues now. Back pain can become more intense, varicose veins can become bigger and cause pain, and you can even get hemorrhoids at this stage due to the extra weight you’re carrying.

Coupled with these physical problems, you may also start to experience some psychological symptoms. The coming birth will put most women on edge and make them feel anxious. This stress added to the mood swings from hormones can make you feel very unstable.

Your baby is also starting to change at this point. It is now preparing for birth and can shift a fair amount inside the uterus.

The four weeks of month 7 and what to expect

Week 27

This is the official start of the final trimester and is also when your baby starts to prepare for the real world. You have now reached the point that if you go into labor, your baby will very likely be born happy and healthy. Doctors consider the 27th week to be completely safe for a baby to be born.

In week 27, you’ll find that your abdomen starts to feel very full. Space in the uterus is getting cramped as the fetus reaches maturity and moves around, testing its limbs. Kicks, punches and shifts inside the womb will feel a lot stronger now and can even start to hurt you.

Your baby is now at a point where it can open and close its eyes. It will also start to sleep at regular intervals in order to recover from all the growing and developing it’s doing. If you feel like your baby has gone still, don’t panic because it is probably just having an afternoon nap. It’s also best to avoid eating foods with too much sodium in them or having caffeine. Both of these can disrupt your baby’s sleeping and cause bloating.

Week 28

By this point, your baby is almost completely fully developed and is now just growing and getting a little chubbier in preparation for birth. In week 28, your baby grows a layer of fat to protect its little body. Another important step in fetal development at this point is in the retinas. Your baby’s eyes are getting ready to be able to actually see the outside world.

For mom, this is also a great time. The hormones in your body are likely making your skin glow and your hair shinier than ever. You can proudly tell people now that you are approaching the end of your 7th month.

Week 29

This is the point where your baby starts to move a lot. It is trying to turn around inside the uterus so that the head is pointing towards the birth canal, ready to meet the outside world. This is called the vertex position and is the most common position for babies to move into. If you feel a sudden movement or shift in your abdomen, don’t worry as it is most likely just your baby getting into position.

In week 29, your baby is also beginning to think. The brain is actually now unconsciously controlling what its body is doing. An ultrasound will show that breathing has become regulated so that your baby can survive outside of the uterus.

Week 30

You are now reaching the end of month seven of your pregnancy. Your baby should be in the correct position for giving birth and most of its critical development has occurred, making it ready for the outside world.

Your baby’s eyes have now become a lot more sensitive and can actually follow a light if shone onto your stomach. You baby will also respond well to both touch and voices. You’ll likely feel definite movements from within when you caress your stomach or talk to your baby.

Readers’ questions:

What does my baby look like at seven months of gestation?

Your baby is now fully formed and won’t change much between this point and birth. All of the organs have developed completely, so it is safe for your baby to be born now. The only change from now to nine months is that your baby will grow and put on weight in the uterus. The bigger the baby is, the stronger it will likely be at birth.

What does my baby weigh at this point?

At week 27, the average baby weighs around two pounds. It’s important to remember that each pregnancy and each body is different so your baby may easily be bigger or smaller, but still healthy. It will put on weight as month seven progresses.

What position is my baby in at this stage?

During your 7th month of gestation, your baby will start to shift in the womb to get ready for birth. At some point during this month, you’ll likely feel a strong and definite movement, which means your baby has shifted into birthing position. If your baby isn’t in the vertex position (head down pointing towards the birth canal) by the end of this month, don’t worry as there is still time for it to move on its own before birth.

What position should I sleep in at seven months pregnant?

Sleeping comfortably in the final stretch of a pregnancy can be quite tricky. At seven months, you’re likely experiencing quite strong back pain and your stomach can be rather big. Many women use a pillow between their legs to keep the hips comfortable and prop their backs up with pillows. This takes some pressure off the back and the chest, allowing you to breathe better while sleeping.