The instructions on all home pregnancy tests should tell you exactly what to look for in terms of results and what they mean. However, sometimes things don’t always look the way they should. This is why we created this gallery of different pregnancy tests showing different results. You can actually see how things should look and how tests sometimes end up looking – as well as what these different results mean.

It’s important to be aware of the possible results you can see, and what they actually look like. Now you have a gallery of tests to compare your results to. It’ll definitely help if this is your first pregnancy or if things are showing up differently this time round.

False positive result

Positive results but with a weak line

Positive result with a strong line

Positive result using a pen test

Pregnancy test showing an evaporation line

Negative result using a pen test

Positive results after menstrual delay

Positive results after menstruation is only 2 days late

Positive results after menstruation is only 3 days late

Positive results after menstruation is 10 days late

Many of these images were sent in by readers. Feel free to email us photos of your tests so we can add them to the gallery. Please make sure you let us know the test brand, when in your cycle you took the test and if the result was correct.

Readers’ questions:

Is it possible to get a false positive result on a pregnancy test?

Most manufacturers will claim that it’s impossible to get a false positive result, but this is completely untrue. Some brands are inferior quality and can show false positives due to manufacturing problems and the materials used to make them. It’s important to research the different brands online and see what other people have to say about them before you decide to use a test from a particular brand.

What color indicates a positive result on a pregnancy test?

This can vary from brand to brand. It also depends on whether you use a strip test or a pen. It’s always important to read the instructions to see exactly what you should be looking for.

When should I take a pregnancy test?

It’s always best to wait until your menstrual period is late before you take a pregnancy test. Waiting five to seven days after your menstruation is due to start means you have a much better chance of getting a definitive result from the test. Some tests are highly sensitive and can pick up the presence of hCG before your menstrual period is late, but it is definitely safer to wait.