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Your baby is the size of a head of cauliflower

  • Development: The baby now has quite a bit of strength in its arms and legs, which results in strong kicks to your abdomen.
DAY 1 • OF WEEK 26

Difficulties of a first-time mother

No one just knows exactly what to do when they are pregnant or holding their baby for the very first time. It’s completely normal to feel anxious about your unborn child and to wonder if you’re doing everything right. The most important thing to do is ask for advice and help, but also listen to your own instincts.

DAY 2 • OF WEEK 26

Choosing a hospital

There are so many details to worry about when you are pregnant, and one of the big choices to make is where your baby is actually delivered. It’s important to look at what is covered by your health plan, where your gynecologist operates from and what other people have said about the place.

DAY 3 • OF WEEK 26

IMPORTANT: Have you had your baby shower yet? This is the ideal time to plan your baby shower because you are still reasonably comfortable with your pregnant belly, and you’ll have had most of the major scans and tests done by now.

DAY 4 • OF WEEK 26

Controlling your anxiety when pregnant

Stress and anxiety can have a very detrimental effect on your unborn baby. This is why it’s so important to keep your stress levels as low as possible while pregnant. Try meditation and other stress relief tactics if you are prone to it in your daily life.

DAY 5 • OF WEEK 26

IMPORTANT: At this stage in your pregnancy, your gynecologist may well request a blood test to screen for gestational diabetes. This is a very important test to do if your doctor requests it.

DAY 6 • OF WEEK 26

Travel health insurance for pregnant women

Did you know that it’s possible to take out insurance that is specifically for pregnant women? You’ll be covered for any and all medical emergencies, which can give you great peace of mind if you travel while you are pregnant.

DAY 7 • OF WEEK 26

IMPORTANT: This is the perfect time to do a pregnancy photoshoot if you want one. Your pregnant belly looks good and your energy levels are probably still high. This is a wonderful thing to do and a great memento for the future.

Key takeaway box
  • 1By week 26, your baby will be around 36cm in length and weigh about 790gm.
  • 2Your baby’s arms and legs are getting stronger so you’ll feel movements. Your baby can also hold the umbilical cord and may start to play with it.
  • 3 The eyes are now fully formed and the eyelids can open a little bit, but your baby can’t see anything yet.
  • 4The height of your uterus should be around 22cm. If you are smaller than this, your doctor may request a Doppler ultrasound scan.
  • 5The weight in your abdomen can start to cause problems like swelling in your legs and making it uncomfortable to lie down.
More information about week 26

You are now well past the halfway mark in your pregnancy and you are now in your sixth month. Your baby should measure about 36cm in length and weigh around 790gm. Additionally, the arms and legs are getting stronger every day, meaning you should now feel every kick and punch with some force.

What your baby is doing this week

Your baby is probably quite active and playful inside the womb, when it isn’t sleeping. When other people put their hands to your belly, they should be able to feel the movements from within. Space is also becoming a little tight inside, meaning the kicks and punches will feel even more pronounced.

With all the growing your baby is doing, you may notice long quiet spells. This is when your baby is sleeping.

Baby development

There’s a lot of development that has been achieved by now. Your baby can hear noises outside of your body, but they will sound like it does when you hear noises from under water.

The eyes are also formed by now, and the eyelids are able to open just a tiny bit. Your baby still can’t see anything, but it won’t be long before it can.

The skin on your baby has changed from pink and transparent to thick skin with a normal coloration. This is due to the layer of fat that is starting to form underneath the skin.

Your uterus should be at a height of about 22cm by now. If you are smaller than this, your gynecologist will most likely order a Doppler ultrasound. This is to check the blood flow from the placenta, to ensure that your baby is getting all of the oxygen and nutrients it needs.

How mom is feeling

You may start to feel some pain in your pelvic floor. This is usually just the muscles adjusting to the new weight you are carrying and the shape of your abdomen as your baby gets bigger. Your muscles have to lengthen, relax and give way to make room for the baby. This is usually worse for first-time mothers, unless you had a caesarean previously. This can be quite painful after that kind of childbirth.

Always talk to your gynecologist if you are unsure about the pains or sensations you are feeling. It’s also important to ask before using any kind of pain medication.

The extra weight is probably also causing discomfort in your legs and back. Standing for long periods of time will very likely be uncomfortable. Staying in one position can also get very uncomfortable, which is why sleeping becomes difficult at this stage.

Swelling in your legs and ankles is another common problem woman face from around week 26. This is caused by the pressure of your baby pushing down on your blood vessels in the pelvic region, and causing poor circulation in the area. Fluid retention also leads to swelling in your body.

You can combat the swelling with a good, healthy diet and plenty of liquids to stay properly hydrated.

External factors

Anxiety at this stage is quite normal, but it’s important to not let it get the better of you. Your sleep can be disturbed by stress and this can then effect your unborn baby. Try to stay calm and relaxed. Go for walks, distract yourself with things like getting the nursery ready and rest whenever you can.


15 weeks left

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