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Your baby is the size of a green coconut

  • Development: Your baby’s eyes are now open and it will move towards any light that shines through from the outside world.
  • Schedule: You start experiencing training contractions, also known as Braxton Hicks contractions. Watch for the signs of labor and advise your obstetrician at your next prenatal visit.
DAY 1 • OF WEEK 32

Swelling in your body

It’s quite common to experience swelling in various parts of your body, especially as you reach the end of your pregnancy. There are two reasons for this: one is that blood vessels in your pelvic area are being compressed from the weight of your baby and this decreases blood circulation. The other reason is fluid retention due to hormone shifts. Swelling in your ankles is quite common from this.

DAY 2 • OF WEEK 32

Lymphatic drainage treatment

A good way to deal with the nuisance of swelling is to get a massage focused on lymphatic drainage. It’s also important to eat healthily and stay well hydrated. This will go a long way to helping alleviate the symptoms.

DAY 3 • OF WEEK 32

IMPORTANT: As the big day approaches, it’s common to feel a lot of different emotions, from anxiety to happiness and even sadness. However, it’s important to watch out for the signs of depression as this can set in thanks to the hormonal fluctuations you are experiencing. Be sure to talk to your doctor if you think you need help.

DAY 4 • OF WEEK 32

Toothache when pregnant

Unfortunately, all of the hormonal changes happening in your body can lead to an increase in toothache for you. To make things even worse, you can’t take most painkillers or other medication for toothache while you are pregnant. Always talk to your doctor if you are in a lot of pain.

DAY 5 • OF WEEK 32

IMPORTANT: You can start to prepare your nipples for breastfeeding. Using creams to keep them well moisturized will help to prevent cracking later on. Be careful of using abrasive surfaces on your breasts before you start breastfeeding as this could make things even more painful.

DAY 6 • OF WEEK 32

Low libido

A lack of sexual desire is a problem that almost every couple will face either during or after a pregnancy. For most cases this is due to the hormone fluctuations, and simply how tired the pregnant woman is. Your libido should return naturally within a few months of giving birth. It does help to talk about it either with your partner or a doctor.

DAY 7 • OF WEEK 32

IMPORTANT: Many couples are concerned about whether or not having sexual intercourse while pregnant is safe for both mom and baby. Unless your gynecologist has said otherwise, there is no reason to avoid it if you don’t want to. Sexual intercourse can actually help the body prepare for labor.

Key takeaway box
  • 1 At 32 weeks of gestation you are officially entering the eighth month.
  • 2Your baby will now measure around 42cm in length and weigh roughly 1.7kg.
  • 3In terms of development, your baby’s eyes are now open and it will react to lights shining from outside. It can also hear and identify different voices.
  • 4Vernix is a layer of waxy fat that is now covering your baby’s skin and protecting it from the amniotic fluid.
  • 5The days might seem a lot longer now due to the extra weight you are carrying and it’s probably quite difficult for you to sleep or find a comfortable position to lie in.
More information about week 32

At week 32 you are officially entering month eight of your pregnancy. Your baby should now measure around 42cm and weigh roughly 1.7kg. In an ultrasound scan, you’ll be able to see a lot of detail now, including hair and eye lashes.

The placenta is now starting to mature and may be graded one or two already. It’s still working well and supplying your baby with all of the nutrients and oxygen it needs in either of these grades.

Whenever your baby kicks or moves about you will definitely feel it now. Space is starting to get tight in the womb and movements can all be felt.

Baby development

Your baby’s eyes should now be open and the eyelids are able to blink. If you shine a light onto your stomach, your baby will actually be able to see it and react to it. The ears are also working properly now and your baby can hear sounds coming from outside the womb and your body. Your baby will also start to react to and recognize different voices.

Physically, your baby is almost completely formed. The brain is functional and firing messages along the nervous system. The skeleton is also all in place and the bones are as rigid as they will be when your baby is born.

Your baby is still swallowing amniotic fluid and digesting it. The meconium is building up in the digestive tract, ready to be passed as feces in the first few days after being born.

There is now a waxy layer of fat called vernix covering your baby. This layer is there to protect the new skin from the amniotic fluid. You’ll see this white substance covering everything after your baby is born.

If you are having a boy, your baby’s testicles are now forming and dropping into the scrotum. There are some cases where the testicles don’t initially drop into the correct place, but this usually sorts itself out on its own.

Since development is so near to being complete, your baby can actually be born now with very little likelihood of complications. Your baby may not even need a ventilator. However, the next two months in the womb are quite important to give your baby enough time to gain sufficient weight and ensure the respiratory system is mature enough to work.

How mom is feeling

From week 32 you can expect to notice a significant weight gain. This is because the baby is gaining weight so rapidly at this stage. Your body is also preparing for labor, so you can expect some interesting things to start happening.

For one, you may start to get training contractions, also known as Braxton Hicks contractions. Your stomach muscles will harden periodically but there won’t be the same intense pain you’ll feel with actual contractions.

A common symptom of this period in gestation is swelling and fluid retention. This usually shows in your legs and ankles. It’s important to drink plenty of water and other liquids, while avoiding salty foods. You should also avoid wearing shoes and pants that are tight.

As your belly protrudes further and further, you may find that your belly button sticks out. Don’t worry, this should go back to normal after you give birth.

Eating a healthy diet is very important now. Your baby is gaining weight quite rapidly, but you can control how much you gain with the right diet. Be sure to get plenty of nutrients and proteins to help your baby grow strong.

External factors

The days may seem endless right about now. You’re likely quite tired and struggling to sleep because you can’t get comfortable lying down. Try not to get stressed out and remember that you are in the final stretch.

It’s also a good idea to take the time now to get everything ready for your baby’s arrival. Make sure you have plenty of clean clothes for you and baby, as well as clean linen for beds.


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