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Is it possible to get pregnant without menstruating?

When you have an irregular menstrual cycle, it can be a very difficult thing to fall pregnant. This is especially true if you don’t menstruate that often. So is it possible to ... Continue Reading

Week 25 of your pregnancy

25/40 Weeks 16 Weeks Left Your baby is the size of a coconut THIS WEEK Development: Your baby is now the right shape and will start to gain weight fast. Schedule: ... Continue Reading

Is a headache a symptom of pregnancy?

Headaches are something that is so common in most people’s everyday life that we don’t always notice them, or don’t take them as a sign of something else. A headache can actually be ... Continue Reading

Light menstruation – what now?

A sudden change in your menstruation can be a cause for concern for most women. If you are used to a heavy or medium flow, and suddenly have a cycle with a very light flow ... Continue Reading

How to accelerate the onset of labor

At the end of a pregnancy, everything can seem like it takes forever – especially waiting for labor to start. This is because you are tired, uncomfortable, unlikely ... Continue Reading

Can a swollen stomach mean you’re pregnant?

One thing everyone can see when you are pregnant is the swollen belly. When you first fall pregnant, you aren’t likely to actually see a change until you reach about five months. ... Continue Reading

Is brown discharge a sign of pregnancy?

For women who are trying get pregnant, and for those who aren’t, a brown discharge can cause a lot of concern and open up the question of whether or not you are pregnant. So ... Continue Reading

Weeks 1-3 of your pregnancy

1-3/40 Weeks 38 Weeks Left Your baby is the size of a green coconut THIS WEEK Development: Your baby’s neural tube begins to form. This will develop into the spinal ... Continue Reading

PMS or pregnancy – how to differentiate

Have you noticed how the symptoms for both early pregnancy and PMS are actually very similar? It’s incredibly easy to confuse the two. So how do you differentiate between them? ... Continue Reading

Dr Jaime responds: different types of menstruation and their causes

Today we have the illustrious Dr Jaime Filho on hand to answer some of your questions. He is passionate about his profession and clearing up any concerns or doubts that women ... Continue Reading

Menstruation looks like coffee grounds – what does it mean?

There are many reasons for your menstruation to come out dark brown and look like there’s coffee grounds in it. One of the main reasons is actually low progesterone levels. In ... Continue Reading

Week 16 of your pregnancy

16/40 Weeks 24 Weeks Left Your baby is the size of an avocado THIS WEEK Development: The eyelids remain closed, but your baby already has a sensitivity to ... Continue Reading

How do you fall pregnant? A step-by-step guide from ovulation to fertilization

Falling pregnant and having a child of your own is a dream for many women. But do you actually know how it all happens? Here’s our step-by-step guide that explains the full ... Continue Reading

Week 19 of your pregnancy

19/40 Weeks 21 Weeks Left Your baby is about the size of an heirloom tomato THIS WEEK Development: Your baby’s brain is close to fully developed and all the senses ... Continue Reading

Week 27 of your pregnancy

27/40 Weeks 13 Weeks Left Your baby has the size of a cauliflower THIS WEEK Development: Your baby is starting to gain a layer of fat and will now gain weight ... Continue Reading

Fetal genital tubercle – unmasking your baby’s sex

Once you fall pregnant, the biggest question in your mind and on everyone else’s lips is “what is the baby’s gender”. It can seem like an absolute eternity waiting until week ... Continue Reading

What does uterine pain mean when you’re pregnant?

The uterus is one of the main organs involved in the female reproductive system. It’s located in the lower abdomen, just above the pelvis area. When you conceive, this is ... Continue Reading

Estradiol – what is the function of this hormone for women?

Estrogen is an essential part of the female body and especially of her reproductive system. There are three types of estrogen: estrone (E1), estradiol (E2) and estriol (E3). ... Continue Reading

The importance of a Doppler ultrasound during in gestation

It’s normal to be slightly anxious before an ultrasound scan when you are pregnant. This is the time when you get to actually see if everything is going well with your unborn ... Continue Reading

Week 13 of your pregnancy

13/40 Weeks 17 Weeks Left Your baby has the size of a small pod THIS WEEK Your baby’s digestive system and urinary tract is already working. It will swallow amniotic ... Continue Reading