During Pregnancy

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It’s usually only at this stage that you actually discover you are pregnant. By now, your menstruation should be late and you’ll likely be experiencing the early symptoms of pregnancy. ... Continue Reading

The first month of gestation usually goes unnoticed by most women. Gestation is counted from the first day of your previous menstruation, meaning the first two weeks are ... Continue Reading

At last you have reached the start of your second trimester. This is a good phase in your gestational period. Morning sickness and vertigo should disappear, and your energy ... Continue Reading

Truth be told, the days can seem endless in this second last month of your pregnancy. You’ll most likely feel exhausted, suffer from swelling in your feet and ankles, and have ... Continue Reading

This is a very exciting time because you are now around half way through your pregnancy. At this stage, the fetus is quite active, and you should be able to feel a lot of ... Continue Reading

At the start of month three your baby is the size of a peanut and starting to form facial features. It’s a very exciting time, this last month of your trimester. This is because ... Continue Reading


For some women, the menstrual cycle is like clockwork. For others, it can be a box of surprises each time. It all depends on the length of time your body takes to go through ... Continue Reading